Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Updated] McDonald's remains closed on 1st Avenue after 'the accident'

Just after 7 this evening, an EVG reader noted that there was a fire at the McDonald's on First Avenue near Sixth Street. We're not sure about the extent of the fire — it didn't make the cut for the @FDNYalerts on Twitter.

There doesn't appear to be any visible damage in the restaurant. However, this location remains closed for the evening. Signage on the door refers to "the accident."

Updated 5/20
The restaurant is back McOpen.

Also, per Giovanni in the comments, there was a grease fire in the kitchen. (Perhaps the employee unwittingly sat on this East Fifth Street tree guard?)


Jules said...

ok. I don't know anything about the current incident.
Just have a general question: I've been here for 20 years, I think that sidewalk cafe was there since then? it seems so exaggerated for the neighborhood, and unnecessary.
I know from a bar-owner friend that sidewalk space (just for tables and chairs) is very expensive. 25K/year easy. How does this place justify it? Well I guess because they're a chain they don't care about dozens of empty seats?
McDonalds always seemed so out of place in this neighborhood, with so many cheap options, but maybe it makes more and more sense now with artisanal bullshit places around. Plus I always see old people in there, nursing their meager orders, and I see an image of myself in the future...

ok, time to schedule an appointment w/ my therapist :-)

Giovanni said...

It was a grease fire, at McDonalds. Go figure. FDNY called in ConEd to turn off the gas. Hope this doesn't cause a Happy Meal shortage.

Anonymous said...

FDNY turned off gas for a grease fire? There is a cut off valve at the stove and a main cut off valve right after the meter - if they chose to have Con Ed cut off the gas before the meter - you can expect McD to be shut through July 4.

Scuba Diva said...

(Perhaps the employee unwittingly sat on this East Fifth Street tree guard?)

And then another employee said, "Hey, let me show you how I can light a fart!"

Anonymous said...

This is a place where seniors and homeless can relax and drink coffee. Its not artisinal or for the new rich invaders. Its a McDonalds thats been here for a long time. It caters to normal working people and students. They dont charge ridiculous prices. They have senior discounts for coffee. It is what it is. Its more real and EV than these new fake expensive places.

Anonymous said...

Agree 11:21

Every other month or so I find myself craving so greasy fries and you nailed the clientele at this location. Nobody is wearing yoga pants, talking loudly about the gourmet meal they had the night before, blah blah. It is nice to see elderly people out of their homes and socializing too. This spot is so much nicer than the Sty Town one.

Anonymous said...

This was the McDonald's Morgan Spurlock walked by in Super Size Me.

Would you eat nothing but McDonald's for thirty days like he did?

Anonymous said...

That McDonalds has been there for the entire 40 year period i grew up on that block. I have happy childhood memories of occasionally convincing my mom to get me lunch there.

I go in for coffee all the time and I see all my local faves and neighbors and the employees are darling. Unlike many of the new bars and cafes overflowing with loud clueless homogeneous people with jobs, it caters to and provides a gathering place for elderly locals, people with children, homeless, people who need a bathroom or a cash machine with a low surcharge, teenagers, people who want to eat but not tip and so on. There is rotating roster of beggars stationed outside in case anyone wants to share their order or donate money.

It is also courteously open 24 hours which I avail myself of constantly. It would be the last thing I would want to see leave this neighborhood.

Makeout said...

@ Anon 12:12- Fuck McNo!

Eden Bee said...

I don't mind this place because of what was already said. They let homeless people sit there all night which is life saving when it's winter. And there's a group of seniors in there who hang out every single day bickering with each other and gossiping. The ATM is less than a buck to use and they never kick anyone out for not buying something. People with yoga pants or whatever are scared to go in there. I think they do all their business on the weekends when people stumble from the bars over there. Other than that its basically a homeless shelter.

equilibrist said...

I don't disagree with any of what's been said about this particular McDonald's as a local gathering place, but isn't it a sad comment on the state of the neighborhood that it has to be at a McDonald's?

Anonymous said...

1:57pm, 12:12pm I Mcfuckin' agree :)

Morgan really fucked himself up.

LOL @ his holier than thou vegan ex-wife (girlfriend?) Alex becoming a meateater and giving the lamest of lame excuses for her complete 360.

Terry said...

For years, I lived behind that wretched McD. The exhaust vents from their kitchen were a few feet away from my window. I could tell what time it was by the smell of what as frying. Sinc it's only a single story building they vent their stink on th second floor. It as also very loud when all the exhaust fans were on. That sidewal"cafe" is completely illegal. They have basically take over ownership of the sidewalk. Walk by when their trash lines the street and there is only room for one person at a time. After a few years of dying with it I started to complain.

This is what I learned, it was started by five cops from the ninth precinct. It is untouchable. No one will listen to any complaints about the place. That sdewalk should be removed, their gasses should be vented above the neighboring buildings. It's not a "neighborhood" business but instead is owned by a bunch of cops that live elsewhere.

Let's force them to remove that ridiculous cafe, it's simply claiming half the sidewalk as their own. If any othe business extended their business that far into the sidewalk permanently they would be forced to remove it but not them. Wtf?