Monday, May 16, 2016

Zoltar's 'wealth of wisdom' for Lily Tomlin at Gem Spa

[EVG file photo]

The New Yorker has a piece with Lily Tomlin, whose promoting Season 2 of the Netflix show "Grace and Frankie."

In the late 1960s, Tomlin lived on Fifth Street between Second Avenue and the Bowery. For the interview, Tomlins stops by Gem Spa on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place, where she recalled:

“I’d come to Gem Spa on the weekends and I would rail against the rock culture, because it was so misogynistic. I would fight my way in, and I’d shout out from behind the throngs. I’d say, ‘I need a box of business envelopes!’ ”

Later, she gives her $2 to Zoltar out front:

“Zoltar’s been around a long time,” she said. She fed in the bills, and the machine spat out a yellow ticket.

“Is that it?” Tomlin said, rapping on the glass. “What a rip!”

“For a small fee, Zoltar will give you a wealth of wisdom,” Zoltar said in a booming voice.

The fortune was read aloud: “A happy reunion with a loved one will make life all that you ever wanted it or dreamed it to be. You have a very trusting nature and are easily taken in by so-called friends.”

“My God in Heaven!” Tomlin said.


Anonymous said...

Sorry lady but that Zoltar machine has not been around that long. Five years maybe?

Anonymous said...

To the previous comment - Its not lady. It's Lily. And she is right, Zoltar has been around forever. Not on the corner of St.Marks & 2nd but in many carnivals and fairs around the world. Plus, I think it was in that movie 'Big' with Tom Hanks and the guy who played Feech Lamogna on the Sopranos. RIP to him. He just died a few weeks ago.

Also Lily Tomlin is a gem. A huge shining gem.

Anonymous said...

"I would rail against the rock culture, because it was so misogynistic" You could say that about most things but really, rock and roll is a big umbrella to label as such.

Walter said...

I wonder how the people who live above Gem Spa feel to hear this irritating voice 24 hours a day. I have stopped buying anything at Gem Spa because of their arrogant assumption that it's their right to unleash this mechanical device on the neighborhood. Fuck 'em !