Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday in Tompkins Square Park: Memorial Day Punk Show

Via the EVG inbox...

There'll be political speakers, art work by Peter Missing and Jerry Foust and literature tables where folks can get the latest issue of The Shadow and Time Warp Zine.

Performers include:
> 1:00: Carla (No Police State Girl)
> 1:20: Ike's Wasted World
> 1:40: Nico (formerly of Star Fucking Hipsters)
> 2:05 Universal Truth Machine
> 2:35: Skitzopolis
> 3:00: The Wurst
> 3:35: Transgendered Jesus
> 4:05: Sewage
> 4:40: The Omega Men
> 5:20: The UNDEAD


Anonymous said...

What, no Hammerbrain?!? What kind of TSP Memorial Day punk show is this?

chris flash said...

HAMMERBRAIN will part of the TSP Riot Reunion shows on either August 6 or 7

Anonymous said...

Give us Hammerbrain or give us death!

Anonymous said...

Let's not confuse early gentrification with the current hyper-gentrification.

Anonymous said...

What? Celebrating a riot isn't nostalgic bullshit? How was that riot any good? What did it accomplish? Look at the East Village now and really since 1990. No
culture, no artists, no nothing. Sure people here and there but only because they have cheap rent or in rare cases own the building or a share in one (good for them!)

Also did people WANT to riot? I don't think so. People wanted to be left alone, were fucked with, and fought back, but I don't remember people being all celebratory about it. The city struck the final blow three years later in '91 with the second closing.

chris flash said...

Anonymous [WHY are you afraid to use your name????]:

Commemoration is a far cry from celebration.

You're right that no one wanted riots, but they DID fight back when cops were misused in furtherance of gentrification of the Lower East Side. Folks should always resist the forces of evil, no matter how out-gunned they are....