Monday, May 23, 2016

The retail space at 20 Avenue A no longer looks like a bank branch

The Chase branch at 20 Avenue A closed last Nov. 12.

Workers have now gutted the ground-floor interior at the corner of East Second Street... showing the space's potential for a new tenant...

As we noted a few weeks ago, there's a new broker for the space. (The third by our count since last June.)

According to the listing at Winick Realty Group, all uses will be considered. The rent is available upon request. Anyway, it's a big space — 4,300 square feet on the ground floor. (There's also a basement.)

Back in February, the listing via Town featured renderings showing two wine bars in this location.

The 62-unit apartment building here exchanged hands in the summer of 2014 for $26.2 million.

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Anonymous said...

Beer Store!

Anonymous said...

Perfect for H&M or yet another bagel shop.

Anonymous said...

rumour has it that rent is $35K/month. the only businesses that can afford such a steep rent are chain stores or bars. being that the block has a million bars my worst fear is that a starbucks will move in since the closest one is on 1st ave. god help us all. shop local.

Anonymous said...

Beer store with sidewalk seating!!!

Anonymous said...

I learned from a shop owner friend of mine years ago when I was thinking of renting a space, he told me to spent some time nearby on the street and watch how many and what kind of people walk by that storefront. If it is not your targeted customer or very few don't consider renting it. So what does that leave for this space, another gyn, grocery store? Not a good idea with competition next door. I suspect it will either sit empty for a long time or another CVS will take it.