Friday, May 20, 2016

Reader report: Have you heard Verizon test its emergency generator on 2nd Avenue?

Via the EVG inbox...

I live on Second Avenue between 11th and 12th streets. Verizon has been testing their emergency generator on the roof of 204 Second Ave., between 12th and 13th streets for the past year or so. The noise from the generator is incredibly loud, like the sound of a jet engine at close range.

The DEP told me that by code, the emergency generator must be tested at least once a month. The tests last an hour or more each time. There is no predictability when the testing will take place. Verizon has turned the generator on very early Sunday mornings, and sometimes in the middle of the day. On Monday, the generator came on twice, once at 5:30 in the morning, which woke us and other neighbors up, and then again around noon. Wednesday night at 7 just as we sat down for dinner, the generator went on again for about an hour.

I have taken to calling the DEP each time the generator goes on and they have offered to come to my apartment to monitor the noise level. The DEP needs to take a reading when the generator is on and when it is off to get the ambient sound level in the apartment. If there is more than a 10db difference between the two then we have a case and Verizon could be ordered to do some sound attenuation to bring the generator noise below the threshold set by code.

The DEP has been very helpful, however so far we have been unsuccessful in getting them here with a meter while the generator is running. I have taken readings on an iPhone app and have found the sound of the generator to be over 10db from the ambient noise level in our apartment.

I am wondering if anyone else in the neighborhood has taken any action. Thanks for your help!

The noise is coming from the metal chimney shown here on the south side of the Verizon Building roof.


KTS said...

I have the misfortune of living right behind the Verizon building on 12 St; have been wondering what that sound is for the longest time! It always seems to turn on when you'd least want it to be on—evenings, early mornings, weekends. They've been doing some construction behind the building / I think on the roof, for the past few weeks. I wonder if it has something to do with this?

Jewels said...

Big thanks for bringing this up! I too am a neighbor on the 13th street side facing the 'non employee' back door. Day in and day out I am woken at 6am (including today.. those MF'ers) by the workers. It's literally like a thunder storm every morning.


Anonymous said...

Boycott Verizon, switch to any other carrier for starters.
Then call the EPA who are in charge of noise pollution and start making daily complaints.
You can also do that by calling 311 and filing noise complaints on
Beyond that, call your US Congressman and your city councilperson. Call the offices of these people. Do not write them as it just goes in the trash. Call them everyday for an update on the status of your complaint.
Also write to the CEO and high up execs of the company. You can get their HQ address from the internet easily enough.
Make as big a problem for them that they have made for you. Just do it legally and politely. Shouting gets you nowhere fast. Nobody wants to listen to profanity or craziness. State your case. Say please and thank you.
Good luck.
Try your community board as well.

RockChick said...

Oh, is that what that incredible godawful noise was? I'm on 9th Street, and I thought it was the Hellmouth opening...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of 9th Street, there is a noise going on and off there at the moment that sounds like a giant moaning cosmic vacuum cleaner... Really. Annoying.

Anonymous said...

Font blame dirty harry reid or harrys barbershop for your nasty haircut blame verizon and most cell companies their sites and repeater transmitters everywhere for over microwaving our planet. Humans should live rent free tax free since sandy pole shift. We are not your slaves evil reptoids apologize now for the damage you have caused us on earth and for its end.

Anonymous said...

I live on 12 and their construction noise is absolutely ridiculous they start at like 6:45 in the AM

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how long the construction of the Verizon building is going to last? I live next to the building but I can't find their construction permit online. It's supposed to be posted on the building but I have not seen it.