Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The for lease sign is now up at 4 St. Mark's Place

The for lease sign has arrived outside 4 St. Mark's Place, the former home of Trash & Vaudeville.

The signage went up yesterday...and the listing for the retail space hasn't been posted to the Eastern Consolidated website just yet.

The landmarked building between Second Avenue and Third Avenue recently changed hands for $10 million. The buyer's identity hasn't been revealed to date.

As for Trash and Vaudeville, the shop continues on at 96 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.


Michael Ivan said...

Sigh, another flip and list for much more than last tenant. Didn't even bother sprucing the place up.

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga should take over St.Mark's Place between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, I'm not kidding.

She could start by buying this building and opening a record store in the old Venus Records space.

Quite a legacy, no?

She'd make it interesting to say the least.

DrBOP said...

Not So Off-Topic Kid sez....

Joan Jett and others streaming live from Irving Plaza beginning later this afternoon here :


Anonymous said...

I imagine that what happened here is that years ago some people (including Trash Vaudeville owners?) did the intelligent thing and bought the building. This protected them from voracious landlords and allowed them to weather economic downturns. There comes a moment when you realize your are property rich--and you face a decision of what to do--enjoy the economic cushion or let your kids and / or heirs have the money. I imagine this was a decision that faced the owners of the building where Sounds was. There comes a time when people want to cash out (Stefan's kids, DeRobertis' kids all made that decision). One can't blame them.