Monday, December 12, 2016

#notourpresident storefront not coming to 2nd Avenue

[Reader photo from Nov. 18]

As we first noted on Nov. 19, coming soon signage arrived for #notourpresident on an empty storefront (No. 64) on Second Avenue between Fourth Street and Third Street.

The #notourpresident sparked some speculation, especially when there was a cafe sign in view as well. (Maybe this would be another attempt at satire like the dearly departed 'Merica on Sixth Street.)

In any event, the signage is gone, and the for rent banner is back in view ...

The asking rent here is $13,000, per the listing.

The space previously housed NYC Velo, who moved next door in March.

Velo was curious too about what might coming next door...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to pick on this particular store but I am now sick of businesses pretending to address people via social media, by attempting to give the business itself a human voice. "While we try to be apolitical" give me a break.

Anonymous said...

'Wonder if Jared Kushner leaned on or bribed the owner of this property not to have an anti-Trump statement/business there.