Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So what's the worst thing to ever happen to the Brooklyn Bridge?

Being torn down to make way for a floating bank/Starbucks/Duane Reade!

Oh, wait. That happens next year.

OK, OK...As we celebrate the 125th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge, I wonder...what's the worse thing to ever happen to the Brooklyn Bridge? I'm thinking movies now. I Am Legend? Cloverfield? War of the Worlds?

NO! Getting blowed up by aliens or zombies would be sweet, sweet relief instead of being a plot point in Eric Schaeffer's heinous If Lucy Fell, in which the characters played by Schaeffer and Sarah Jessica Parker agree to jump off the bridge if both of them don't find true love by the time the time they turn 30. Or something.

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Anonymous said...

The movie should be called If Lucy Jumped.