Friday, February 15, 2013

A new-look Verso reopens on Avenue C for the first time since Sandy

[Several days after Sandy]

Verso, the Italian bistro on Avenue C at East Eighth Street, hasn't been open since Sandy's floodwaters filled up the restaurant's basement. Looked grim for awhile here, a time that included a back-rent notice taped to the front door in late December.

Workers have been busy of late...

[Wednesday via Bobby Williams]

And last night, Dave on 7th noted that the refurbished restaurant was back open...

Per Dave on 7th: There's a "new, more rustic look. I actually like it. The interior is stripped down. Exposed beams and joists. Barn cladding in front."

The owners tell us that they're in soft-opening mode this weekend, with a "full force" reopening at the end of the month.

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East Village Eats said...

Good to hear, I noticed the cladding a few days ago. Glad that they're reopening.