Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creepy Craigslist ad seeks '4 sexy hot bartending robots'

A reader pointed our attention to this Craigslist ad...

looking 4 sexy hot bartending robots (Lower East Side)
Popular LES soul jazz bar/tavern is looking for asexual stage performing robots, models r3710 thru r3710-2.0, to entertain curious onlookers on a brightly lit stage, with witty repartee' and story telling, while fetching & mixing alcoholic beverages, at their command. Most current drivers for brightest, friendliest, openiest, sexiest robot communication skills that 99.99999% of humans have been genetically program to find appealing, by what ever God they believe in, if any, required. Race, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Age, Sex, Robot or Bar Code status UNIMPORTANT.

All tips are pooled and divided evenly. Restocking will be required. Obscure, but legit, constitutionally protected, soul sucking ritual, will be performed, involving chicken feet and body fluids (you don't want to know) to determine your level of MOJO. (please include return address for soul or return cannot be guaranteed) A picture of your robot self, lock of robot hair and/or robot fingernail clippings, with resume, will be required for ritual or there is a small but still significant chance you will become a face eating, end times, zombie robot. If interested please reply.

Perhaps someone's idea of a joke, though it's not really funny. (Of course, robot humor is tough to pull off...) Probably fake? Or, perhaps, it's real...?



"Must be comfortable with vivisection and being eaten."

esquared™ said...

It's fitting for the androids and american psychos in their steely glass condos in this panopticon metropolis.

Makeout said...

Union gig?

mk said...

I was struggling figure out which bar this was, but they posted another ad and now it's obvious. 169 on east Broadway. I interviewed there once a few years back, no thank you.

I tried to copy the link here but my phone is failing me :(