Monday, February 11, 2013

Former kind of weird sushi place on the Bowery is now home to the Wise Men

And at 355 Bowery, we have the former home of Osaka Vibe/Orange Valve — aka, that kind of weird sushi place on the Bowery. We wrote an appreciate (of sorts!) about it back in December 2011, after the kitchen temporarily closed for renovations... only to never reopen again.

Now, a new venture called Wise Men officially opens in the space on Wednesday, according to Grub Street. And three women are behind the space: photographer Danielle Levitt, S magazine creative director Christina Chin and hospitality vet Caroleyn Ng.

As BoweryBoogie pointed out, the name Wise Men is a nod to Ms. Chin's "ancestral connection to the area. When the Chins emigrated from Hong Kong in the 1960s, the family opened Wise Men, proclaimed at the time as the first 'western-style' steakhouse in Chinatown."

Back to Grub Street: "In a bar-heavy area that's all about modernizing, Wise Men's a much-appreciated nod to old-school New York meat and cocktails."

The valve wheel from that kind of weird sushi place remains as the Wise Men doorknob. But there aren't any $1 Jello shots.

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glamma said...

These are friends of mine and this place is fantastic. Really well done and highly recommend to anyone looking for an authentic time on today's Bowery!!!