Monday, March 11, 2013

There goes the Lucky Cheng's sign

On Saturday, workers took down the Lucky Cheng's sign here on First Avenue...

[Photo by EVG reader Evan OHara]

Lucky Cheng's moved to a new home on West 52nd Street in the fall. We asked owner Hayne Suthon what she plans on doing with the sign. "I'll fix it and move it uptown."

Workers are currently renovating the space on First Avenue and East Second Street to make way for Pride and Joy BBQ.

Lucky Cheng's opened in 1993. Jeremiah Moss had an informative post on the building's history here.

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genevieve said...

I passed by the old place a few days ago. I've never been in there but thought of it as a staple in the East Village. I have a similar thought when Lips moved uptown from the West Village. Seems like the city is losing it's soul.