Tuesday, March 25, 2014

220 Avenue A is for sale

Per the Massey Knakal listing:

A 25’ wide, five-story walk-up building along with a rear 25’ wide walk-up building located on the east side of Avenue A between East 13th Street and East 14th Street. The buildings consists of 16 residential units, 14 of which are fair-market and 2 are rent- stabilized. The current in-place rent is approximately $53 per square foot which is well below market. The zoning of the buildings allows for retail therefore it could offer an investor an excellent opportunity to convert the ground floor space into a retail unit.

Price: $7,950,000

The building is just south of East 14th Street ... and adjacent to the large Extell retail-residential complex coming soon between Avenue A Avenue B...

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Gojira said...

I can still remember the summer of 1980, when this building was first painted white. At that point the EV - hell, all of New York except the Upper East Side - was filthy; this thing stood out like a beacon of clean, and was the topic of much neighborhood conversation as it radiated awe-inspiring brightness whenever the sun shone on it.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't have just sold it to Extell a year ago?

Anonymous said...

I live in this building. i think we'r getting kicked out at the end of our lease. it's a shame. great apartment, great neighborhood, hope to stay close!