Wednesday, March 19, 2014

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Emergency repairs on 8th and B last evening ... via Fallopia Tuba]

Renovations stalled at at P.S. 63/the Neighborhood School (DNAinfo)

East Village photographer Allen Henson countersues Empire State Building for $5 Million (Runnin' Scared)

Q-and-A with Bob Holman (Off the Grid)

Craig Leon, who produced the Ramones, Talking Heads, Richard Hell, Blondie, etc, reissuing solo material and touring (BrooklynVegan)

Check out some unusual masterworks by great directors at Anthology Film Archives though March 30 (The New Yorker, official site)

French bistro called Dirty French opening in the Ludlow Hotel, coming soon (Eater)

Living Theatre to Debut Judith Malina's "No Place To Hide" at Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center tonight (The Wall Street Journal)

The strange looking building planned for Mulberry and Prince (Curbed)

When Madonna opened for the Smiths (BoweryBoogie)

Those Red Sauce preservationists! (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Hunter S. Thompson shills for Apple! (Dangerous Minds)

... and the morning sky shot from Tompkins Square Park today...

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

The building planned for Mulberry and Prince is hideous. Could they not draw inspiration from Old St Patrick's right across the street...or any other building within sight? Ugh.

Gojira said...

That thing on the corner of Mulberry and Prince looks like a mausoleum; fitting for a neighborhood in its death throes, I suppose. But I am starting to hate these fool architects almost as much as I hate these damned (I can only hope) developers.

Anonymous said...

Bob Holman makes it sound like he's destitute. I thought he has lived an upper class family life with nice homes and everything.

Rocky Raccoon said...

So Rocky's got a few questions for you Mr. Bob Holman which you can answer in any order you choose:
- How is the dinner theater served up by Duane Park "the populist art" of the Bowery with those prices - seems a bit out of the range of the masses if you ask me
- What's with the HOWL Festival partnering with an upscale lounge/restaurant on the Bowery and supporting their liquor license application after it was opposed by The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, residents and CB 2
- As someone who teaches a class at NYU, where do you stand on the NYU expansion, plan

- Oh and finally isn't a bit ironic that you are reading at GVSHP, when they fought to preserve the townhouses that Icon Realty one of the sponsors for your HOWL Festival tore down?
I await your reply.

colin said...

Bob is the Landlord and he owns the building so when he talks about Duane Park paying the rent to keep poetry alive they're actually paying it to him. Duane Park sounds a lot like Duane Reade with no clothes on. The poem now sits between two milked tits and a cheap pair of pasties. They up the price on the food to make people feel classy. BOP was never a club anyway. It was a factory of poetry that booted out audiences after each show so it could let the new paying audiences in. The conversation that should happen in a poetry club after a poetry show was forced to disperse and move on somewhere else which meant that conversation never happened and that's the way Bob likes it. He bellows so he doesn't have to answer any questions. Good luck getting him to answer Rocky.