Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Resident wants stuff back that workers took from not abandoned apartment

Workers have been making structural repairs to 28 Avenue B, which was damaged last April during excavation work in the empty lot next door.

Perhaps there has been some confusion on the part of the workers over who, exactly, is living in No. 28.

We spotted this sign on the plywood in front of the entrance to the construction site last week.

Apparently the crew didn't pay enough attention to the sign.

It's now taped to the sidewalk outside the entrance.

Not quite as bad as this worker gaffe … but it really sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Dirt Harry Reid, and the nasty democratic reptoid repub corporate destruction of NYC for monopoly men.

nygrump said...

Aren't trespassing and theft laws enforced in NYC anymore?

Anonymous said...

Look at the systemic corruption. How emboldened it is. A pattern.

Anonymous said...

The police arent corrupt. Just super super lazy. Just two nights ago, a car smashed through and drove across the pedestrian plaza, leaking easily traceable fluid along the way. The police had no interest in pursuit.