Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All you need is your imagination now for this new-to-market rental!

This listing for 182 E. Seventh St. (in the same building as Vazac's/7B) appeared on Streeteasy Monday:

*Rare Opportunity* - Apartment is mid GUT RENOVATIONS

New floors. New Kitchen. New bath. New apartment. BE THE FIRST TO LIVE IN THIS SPECTACULAR LOCATION - Tompkin Square Park paradise.

Massive space being turned into an UNDER MARKET 3BR for sure.

One flight walk up!

Should be available by 4/15

And the price for a space that looks like this right now: $3,995.

A few questions. Anyone happen to know what was in this space before the gut renovation? The ad states that it is a new apartment.

Are apartments in such demand that a photo like the above is good enough to sell the place?

Will the toilet remain where it is?

Will probably have more questions, but that's all for now.


pinhead said...

Perfect! My budget is $4,000...I'll use the extra $5 for a broom!

DrBOP said...

I think we can make a WILD guess that somebody got screwed someplace along the line......

......and that the screwing ain't over yet.

And pinhead, been meaning to mention that you got a shout-out of sorts on p.212 of the paperback edition of Dave Van Ronk's "The Mayor of MacDougal Street".....talkin' about how he and his cohorts appreciated the very early phase of rock'n'roll......but then it devolved into "pinhead music."
You be FAMOUS, dude! :+)

(And WHAT book DID the Coen bro's read? It SURE wasn't this one.One of the BEST books on the 1955-1964 Village scene ever.)

Anonymous said...

I've been in that bar and the music is so loud I couldn't hear myself think, what must the sound be like in that $4000 per month apartment?

DAA said...

As a fan of your blog I'm flattered you picked up my new-to-market listing, but when a reporter from another publication called about the listing to find out the story here (there really isn't one), I felt as though I had to clarify a few things in the copy.

Mainly, the apartment is not available "as-is," it's mid-renovations. The photo you're looking at is two weeks old. Progress! I list it like this because an early listing is helpful for those nervous nelly clients that want to start looking for an apartment now but don't need one until the beginning of May... then blink their eyes in a vacant space and ask "is the landlord willing to start a lease 40 days from now?"

You're right about having to have a little imagination. People with imagination get the best deals... ding ding ding. Or is it too hard to imagine what new floors and a stainless steel kitchen looks like? It's 1000sqft for 4k - that is undermarket, check any citywide data.

New Yorkers are so funny. They love to complain about real estate agents, but then when we're honest they still have to find something to complain or joke about. Just trying to make a living here!

In regards to what the space used to be and the noise, that can be answered together: I was wrong to say "be the first person to live in this space" - what I meant was - "be the first person to live in the new renovations" - the last tenants registered a phone number in 1985 and lived there up until this started to get renovated... so I'm guessing the noise wasn't that much of an issue.

Anyway thanks for the love. Check back for updated photos!

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for checking in DAA! And for providing more on the background...

We do have the "Apartment is mid GUT RENOVATIONS" right there... so people should get that this isn't the final product!

pinhead said...

Hey...Thanks for the tip, @DrBOP! I've been meaning to pick up Van Ronk's book and now I will! (And BTW, I really liked the "loosely based on" movie, but I always go for the Coen's films.)

chris flash said...

DAA: What the fuck do you mean by "Tompkins Square Park paradise"?

Do you REALLY believe that $4k for this space is some sort of a bargain, based on hyper-inflated comps in the area that result from speculators who use agents like you to push over-priced housing, increasing gentrification in our neighborhood, or is the $2,000 commission you'll get once you've roped in a sucker willing to pay $4k????

Anonymous said...

"People with imaginations get the best deals ding ding ding"--that would be simply hilarious if it weren't so sad. $4000 for an apartment above Vazac's.

Hey you're just trying to make a living here? How about you don't make it on the backs of people being pushed out of the neighborhood?

East Village Eats said...

Well that explains what all the banging was. I was in the bar a few days ago & could hear the construction. If we can hear that (mind you, during the day & rather quiet in the bar), you bet your ass that the future resident will be able to hear the music from the bar on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Wow…the real estate agent really makes himself like an arrogant douchebag. What the hell was that rant?!?

Crazy Eddie said...

" ding ding ding."

I wanna play with my ding a ling a ling.

Who are these people? What pod did they hatch from?

bowboy said...

Yes, it Looks like something nice can be constructed here. But, what's it going to sound like? And what are the bass vibrations going to feel like at 1am. As long as the agent sticks with pic's he may get away with it, but he should be required to only show it on Fri's and Sat's after 9pm. ha. Get out the price-chopper and ear plugs.

Anonymous said...

The problem is my imagination is better than the contractor squeezing in 3 bedrooms into this space (will each room even have an exterior window). Stainless steel front on a cheap appliance does not mean high end or quality and 2 square feet of a granite remnant as the only counter space does not say luxury kitchen either. There will be noise from the bar directly below that is for certain and I would never consider renting above a bar or restaurant without seeing it at night around 11:59 PM. $4000 per month is what a mortgage for a small house cost, the rents are too damn high.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what happened to the people from 1985 please. I'm sure $4000 is not legal as they are only allowed to raise the rent 20% vacancy decontrol plus 1/40th of the renovation. Whoever moves in should file with dhcr for rent reduction immediately.

chris flash said...

What gets me is the arrogance of the agent offering this place for $4,000, as if he's performing some sort of public service!!

They're simply taking a space that will be divided into 3-4 or possibly more prison cell-sized rooms that NYU students will share for $1,000+ each, which is cheaper for them than the dorms. Once those transients split (they'll eventually graduate or drop out), the rent goes UP and after the cycle repeats, it goes up again. And again. With each new group of suckers, brokers get their fat commissions.

Why build nice roomy reasonably-priced apartments where a tenant or a couple might want to stay for a long time when they can just keep rolling over apartments for ever higher numbers? Ding ding ding for THEM!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of idiots would ever pay $4,000 a month to live above a bar? Unless they're all bartenders or work night shifts, they're not gonna be happy people. Also, Vasacs only has death metal on the jukebox these days. Hahahahaha! You know what? Let 'em have it! Maybe a little metal would be good for them.