Thursday, March 27, 2014

First sign that Max Fish is returning to the Lower East Side

There have been rumors that Max Fish owner Ulli Rimkus wants to reopen a bar on the Lower East Side.

Here's some proof of that via the just-released April CB3/SLA licensing committee agenda:

• Ulli Bar Corp, 120 Orchard St.

The address is home to The Gallery Bar, which BoweryBoogie reports "owes the landlord of 120 Orchard Street close to a quarter-of-a-million dollars" ... and the owners are apparently looking to sell.

After 24 years, Max Fish closed last July 29 at 178 Ludlow St.

Not sure what the status is of the Max Fish outpost in Williamsburg.


Anonymous said...

Well if they plan on buying the assets from that god awful Gallery Bar then that's great for the neighborhood. What we don't want is to add more licenses. This new one at146 Bowery is such a fuck you to the LES and it's going to be 150 seats as well.
I'm assuming that the rent on Orchard is cheaper than their prior location, now home to Sweet Chick.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! RIght where it belongs.

nygrump said...

Better send out the EVGRIEVE drone to provide moment by moment coverage of this one!

Anonymous said...

A quarter of a million dollars is nothing for Darin Rubell. That's right no more new licenses. However it is unfair that residents at 178 will be stuck with Sweet Chick. The community needs to side with them. Give the business hell. The Department Of Consumer Affairs and Department Of Environmental Protection.

Walter said...

That was one of the biggest douche bag bars patronized by Williamsburgians and Bushwickers. Good riddance.