Monday, March 24, 2014

Dig bottoms out on Cooper Square; here comes the dorm, here comes the dorm!

[March 8]

We've been watching the big dig at 200 E. Sixth St. at Cooper Square… where a 13-floor dorm is in the works for Marymount Manhattan College.

It's easy to monitor the progress via the blogger portals on the plywood… (So much better than having to ask a passerby for a boost over the wall.)

Here we have March 15…

And now, from this past Saturday… you can see they reached the bottom of the pit and are starting on the foundation…

No sign of any bunk beds yet for the students.

And some day.

[Photo by Robert Miner]

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Anonymous said...

somebody, explain how they got all that heavy equipment out of the hole!


amarose said...

Oh, let's just throw the students into the pit.