Monday, June 9, 2014

347 Bowery wrapped and ready for demolition

We first spotted the permits to demolish the Salvation Army's former East Village Residence on the Bowery at East Third Street back in January.

Now workers have apparently finished with the sidewalk bridge and scaffolding at the site. (The first of the demo gear arrived on May 28.)

Bowery Street?

The sidewalk bridge partially collapsed on June 1. Witnesses said it was struck by a box truck.

The three-story building will give way to a 13-floor, 30,000 square-foot mixed-use residential development that may or may not include same-floor parking privileges.

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Permits filed to demolish former Salvation Army residence on the Bowery

The Salvation Army's former East Village Residence will be demolished on the Bowery

Looks like 347 Bowery will be home to a 13-floor mixed-use residential development


Anonymous said...

These people are so fucking clueless and distant from the neighborhood that they can't even get the street name correct. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, never noticed just how shitty that hi-rise looks. Classic 2010s style. Gross.