Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sidewalk bridge collapses on the Bowery

[EVG photo from Thursday]

The sidewalk bridge arrived last Wednesday ahead of the demolition of Salvation Army's former East Village Residence on the Bowery at East Third Street.

Earlier this evening, a portion of the structure came crashing down, nearly blocking the entrance to the 7-Eleven next door… and spilling into the street…

EVG regular Pinhead shared these photos … and said that the FDNY responded within 2 minutes … thankfully, no one was injured …

The Residence closed in August 2008. It will be torn down to make way for a 13-floor residential building.

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Anonymous said...

F wits.

Anonymous said...

I was walking under the scaffolding on Third Avenue between 9th and 10th the other day, and something, probably a tool, fell and landed on the metal roof above my head. I almost had a heart attack. After that and reading about this, I am going back to crossing the street to avoid walking under scaffolding anywhere in the city. It isn't worth the risk!

Anonymous said...

Ah but in your case, 10:37, the scaffolding did its job and protected you from that falling tool!