Monday, August 11, 2014

Korilla BBQ confirmed for Archie & Sons space

As we reported last Thursday, Archie & Sons, the year-old luncheonette on Third Avenue at St. Mark's Place, was "closed for remodeling."

In this case, "closed for remodeling" was code for "we're not reopening." It was a foregone conclusion that Archie's was done for. We heard rumors going back to June that the folks from Archie's were teaming up with a food-truck vendor for a new venture here at 23 Third Ave. (Eater reported on this rumor Thursday.)

We have confirmation from a very reliable source that food truckers Korilla BBQ will open their first restaurant in this space in the weeks ahead.

If you're new to Korilla BBQ, then you can read this review at Serious Eats.

As for this address, perhaps Korilla will be able to stick around. Tahini closed here in June 2012. Then Little Italy Pizza (heh) lasted four whole months. Archie's opened last Aug. 12.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss their macaroni salad!! It as really yummy.

Giovanni said...

This location is very tough but the Korilla guys have a good following so maybe they will be the first to make it in eons. There used to be pizza place here which had the best broccoli slices, their overn was so hot the broccoli was crispy and roasted on top.

Meanwhile Mee Noodles on 2nd ave and 30th St is closed! Just passed by last night, it is shuttered with the big for lease sign in the window. This was a great spot for lunch specials, with comfy booths and great service, and it had been there forever. Glad we have the Mee on 1st Ave and 13th St.

So in just the last few weeks we have lost Archie's, Birdbath Bakery, Kim's Video, Mee Noodles, Prima, Subway Inn, Rodeo Bar, Bowlmor lanes, University Pita, Japonica, Stromboli Pizza and all of the other stores below Bowlmor Lanes on University Place, Chat & Chew, the Dollar Pizza next to Vinny's, the entire Crumbs chain of bakeries is gone, and a few dozen other places have closed, forever. Par for the course.

bowboy said...

@ Giovanni - sad about the closing, but it could be the best thing to happen to people who live around here. After a while, owners will shy away from opening new bars in an area that can't sustain the ones it has. Over saturation will have its swing back in the other direction. rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of sorry I never tried Archie's. But the problem for me is, that whenever I am on that little strip of block on third Ave. right there, I just want to get off of it as soon as humanly possible. Going into a place to eat there is the last thing on my mind.
Maybe too many others also feel similarly?

Anonymous said...

It's a very frenetic corner.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a place called St Mark's Pizza there in the 90's? I remember going there instead of Ray's. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Make way for 'Happy Yum Yum Dumpling Hoof Treat For Mouth'

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:01,
For my money, St. Mark's Pizza was the best in the 'hood until it closed.
The sauce was more garlicky and less sweet than Stromboli's or Nino's, which is why I liked it.