Monday, August 11, 2014

Report: East 8th Street residents sue landlord Steve Croman, allege intimidation, harassment

[309 E. Eighth St.]

Tenants at 309 E. Eighth St. are suing their landlord, Steve Croman, claiming that he has has engaged in a "campaign of harassment, abuse and neglect" since taking over the property between Avenue B and Avenue C in December 2012, according to The Real Deal.

The lawsuit, filed Aug. 6 in Manhattan Supreme Court, also alleges that Croman is using former police officer Anthony Falconite to intimidate rent stabilized tenants into leaving the building.

As the Daily News reported on July 26, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has launched a probe into Croman's potentially illegal tactics. On July 25, the Daily News reported that Schneiderman slapped a cease-and-desist order on Falconite, who "tenants say has engaged in a campaign of harassment and intimidation to force them out."


Anonymous said...

Quoting from Rooftop ruckus (Sun. Aug.10)
"The birds continued
To make a ruckus...
And were eventually successful
In driving away the
Unwanted squatter."

Anonymous said...

a law suit was ever more justified than this one. I hope more tenants in other buildings follow this example.

Anonymous said...

Good for them! You can't fuck with people like this. A lot of us live pay check to paycheck and can't simply pickup and move because someone wants to raise the rent 2k a month.

Turner, Douglas said...

I hope more people I've heard rightfully complaining about these very same abuses gather up like this!

Anonymous said...

I've read how the Attorney General is investigating these slumlords Steve and Harriet Croman (a.k.a. Bonnie & Clyde) and their entities Croman Real Estate and 9300 (a.k.a. 9300 Realty.CON). They were featured in the very first Village Voice 10 Worst Landlords Issue and they are worse than ever. Let's hope the Cromans and other slumlords like them wind up in jail where they belong.