Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Report: Deal for East Village treasure John's of 12th Street is off

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As we first reported last December, John's of East 12th Street, the 106-year-old East Village treasure, was about to begin its fourth generation of ownership. A team led by Brett Rasinski, who reopened the revamped Beatrice Inn, was expected to take over the operations here.

However, that deal reportedly has fallen through. Eater has the scoop:

The iconic restaurant is currently "not on the market" owner Nick Sitnycky tells Eater, and any future deal would require that the decor and menu remain unchanged and the staff "looked after."

Last December, Rasinski told us that he was "approaching this venture as a preservationist."


"As an East Village resident, and a longtime patron of John's, I understand the historical relevance of the space, as well as the importance of its position in our neighborhood. That is why I was so adamant about securing the property."

So perhaps then the menu, decor and staffing were going to change after all.

Sitnycky and Mike Alpert bought John's from the founding Pucciatti family in 1972. Sitnysky, who grow up on Avenue B, owns the building at 302 E. 12th St. Alpert died on July 13, 2013, at age 71.

[Photo of Nick Sitnycky for EVG last December by James Maher]

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KT said...

That is great news! Fantastic food and service that will remain the same!!! Neighborhood gem!

Anonymous said...

So there are tons of comments when something closes, but what about when a venerable institution decides to stay? C'mon more positive comments people.

abfus said...

Ok, anonymous 5:13, I'll bite. I love John's! (And I'm a 26-year-old resident of the neighborhood (born and raised in queens)). I'm thrilled to hear it won't change a bit, it's exactly the kind of red sauce Italian joint I used to love going to as a kid. I wish more remained in Manhattan.

Pinch said...

Great old-school, classic joint. BIG plus one of the partners owns the building. Good on them.

Cynthia & Peter Chaffee said...

Thanks EV Grieve for reporting this and making our day! My husband and I were heartbroken when we read that John's was being sold but now we are elated, to hear that deal's off. John's is so special to us and to everyone we know. We actually had our wedding reception there because we love it so much. John's is an absolute gem in this city. The owners Nick and Valentina Sitnycky are wonderful people who are so warm and friendly to all their customers, and they care about their employees, preserving the interior and menu, along with their absolutely fantastic food. Thanks Nick for not caving in...we'll be seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Well said anonymous. I was an infant when my parents first brought me to John's (Myron made me eggs) and 37 years latter (including last Saturday with my wife and kids) I can't help but smile and feel happy when I begin to think of John's on 12th Street.