Friday, August 1, 2014

The Mudtruck hits the road ahead of renovations at Astor Place

[File photo from February via @sammers133]

The Mudtruck has temporarily ended its long tenure parked on Astor Place. Yesterday marked the last day for the truck as the reconstruction of Astor Place and Cooper Square continues.

"It's a good time to take a summer break and ride out the Astor Place construction," Mudspot General Manager Yasmina Palumbo told us. "Will keep on truckin' at the Mudspot and Mudpark."

Palumbo said that the Mudtruck will definitely return at an undetermined date in the future.

The blog Asshole At The Center Of The Universe first reported this development yesterday. (H/T Gothamist!)


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd prefer if it never returned. The Mud Cafe is already there if one wants coffee described as mud (odd form of marketing, that). The truck (as with all lunch trucks) is an eyesore, and a source of noise and air pollution.

- East Villager

BT said...

Before Bloomberg banned the music, the MudTruck was very, very awesome. It's still awesome.

The huffpost "journalist" that wrote the blog says the truck has been there every day for the last couple of years or so. hahahahahahha. Try 13 years or so. Life in the east village did not start with the arrival of AOL and the huffpost money losing company.

p.s. Ariana is a gold-digger