Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today in possibly bad ideas

Film shoot signs are so common we barely stop to look at them (Oh, Flesh & Bone again!)

This notice on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue might give you pause.


While the idea of a sequel to the DeNiro- Scorsese classic has been floated, this isn't it.

Actually we have no idea what this is for at the moment. A gag project name likely. Maybe we will call Chad the location manager.

H/T EVG reader Steven!


Anonymous said...

It's sort of a VH1, Where Are They Now? sequel.

Anonymous said...

What? You all should be so happy, we're making a film!!! A fucking film!!! Wow!!!!

BT said...

For awhile when "Sex and the City" (the movie, dunno which one) was filming they had a fake codename for it on the signs, because they didn't want people to see the name and show up for the shoot.

So maybe Taxi Driver 2 is some other famous movie's sequel

Gojira said...

Sex and the City 4?

Makeout said...

Sharknado 3?