Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dedicating Moises Locón Way and Nicholas Figueroa Way on 2nd Avenue at 7th Street

City officials this morning unveiled the new street blades that co-name the northwest corner of Second Avenue and Seventh Street after Moises Locón, 27, and Nicholas Figueroa, 23, who died in the gas explosion here on March 26, 2015.

Ana and Nixon, parents of Nicholas Figueroa, and Alfredo Locón, brother of Moises Locón, were at the dedication as well as several local elected officials and first responders at the time of the explosion.

Officials say that illegal gas tampering caused the explosion.

Photos by Steven

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Anonymous said...

Aww. This is bittersweet. I hope give this might give more closure and healing to the victims' families :(

Scuba Diva said...

I've always wondered: how long do street co-namings last? Because when I first came to the city, 52nd street was called "Swing Street" and some other street in midtown was "W.C. Handy's Place." Sullivan Street was "Fantasticks Lane" and it certainly isn't anymore.

That said, I'd like for this intersection to commemorate these men in perpetuity, but I suspect it won't.

cmarrtyy said...

We all believe that death is a great democracy... because we all ... die. But some die better depending on their connections. A woman bicker died at 9th and 1st and 2 men, I believe were killed by a drunk/drug driver outside a deli on 2nd Ave... where are their memorials?

Anonymous said...


here is the information on co-naming streets.

You can make the request for co-naming 9th and 1st after Kelly Hurley and 2nd avenue and 4th street after Akkas Ali, the florist.

I pray that no one from the Figueroa and Locon family reads your heartless comment. Shame on you

cmarrtyy said...


It's easy for you to call me names when you hide behind anonymity. It's easy for you to hide your stupidity behind anonymity. And it's also easy for you to be critical when you don't know how to read. I made a statement. And asked a question.

Anonymous said...

I second the Kelly Hurley First Avenue Bike Way. (From Houston to 14 Street). I'll bring this up with our council reps.

Anonymous said...

Hey cmarrtty 12:12pm didn't call you a name, knock off the toughguy act, and you are only slightly less anonymous with your unregistered username which doesn't give your full name first and last.

Congratulations on telling everyone in EV Grieve comments you have a problem with the co-naming of this street and saying whoever did it dissed Kelly Hurley etc. (when they did not) in so many words.

You did not ask a real question, you asked a rhetorical one which I second was heartless because you went on a whatabout rant. Real simple why aren't there memorials for Kelly Hurley and Akkas Ali: perhaps no one has applied to rename the corners they died at using the form 12:12pm kindly provided you which you should print, fill, and mail out instead of acting like EV Grieve comments toughguy who wants to use other people's deaths to get on people renaming street corners. Send in the form or shut up.

cmarrtyy said...


You do exactly what trolls do - you have an agenda and you spit your opinion in every and any-body's face who doesn't agree. One of the sad signs of a troll is that they don't read the post they just use it excuse to spew hate and insults. If you really know how to read and you're not a troll then you would realize that I was advocating for the 3 people who died tragic deaths in the EV that we all seem to have forgotten. So if Figueroa and Lacon could be honored why not the other 3?

Anonymous said...

It didn't take a connection, it took a petition. So instead of typing, start petitioning. The only trolls here is the same old bitter contributors and negative commentators that reside on this blog.

cmarrtyy said...

So now everybody who doesn't agree with you is old and bitter. You really can't stop with the insults. REALLY SAD.... And let me remind you, you started the name calling.

Anonymous said...

Appropriate that the named corner sits below the former business office of deceased landlord, Michael Sr. , which was above the old Kiev restaurant.