Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is Oct. 21

[Photo by Steven]

In case you didn't see the banners that went up in Tompkins Square Park on Friday... the 27th annual Halloween Dog Parade is Oct. 21 from noon to 3 p.m. rain or shine in case you want to attend or, perhaps, avoid.


Scuba Diva said...

Avoid is more the word; even when I had a dog, I couldn't deal with the crowds of this.

Anonymous said...

I used to love this event when it was just the local people and dogs and there was no money involved, just a gift certificate to a local business for the winner. The costumes were all handmade by crazy dog lovers who obviously stayed up all night to make a cardboard pirate ship or what ever. The spirit and creativity was much like the Mermaid Parade, which has also lost something. The enormous crowds clogging the park just isn't fun, and you can't even see the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting information on the internet about Nestle and Purina. Nestle owns Purina. This event is sponsored by Nestle-Purina Beggin.

"Nestlé is the target of a boycott because it contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards. If you want to know why there is a boycott and how you can get involved, read our Boycott overview.'


There is a Boycott Purina Pet Food Campaign


7 Companies That Don't Support Gay Rights- Huffington Post 2016

"5 Purina
If you don’t want your dollars to go to a company that isn’t exactly gay-friendly, then put down the Beggin’ Strips and Fancy Feast. Not only did Purina score a 45 out of a possible 100 on the Human Rights Campaign scale, but they also gave into the demands of the American Family Association. When asked to pull ads from Saturday Night Live because it was deemed “immoral,” Purina succumbed to the demand. Yes, this was years ago, but some things never change.

Currently, the company doesn’t provide a policy that protects gender identity or expression, nor does it offer health care coverage for partners of their gay employees. But hey! It does provide “soft benefits,” which means your partner can get a discount on their Puppy Chow! Awesome!"


The link above provides you with all the necessary information needed to be a sponsor as well as a contact for the organizer Mr. Garret Rosso who happens to own Village Dog Works right here on the LES. I hope his business is thriving.


This is marketed all around the world. What kind of person attends this kind of event and what are the possible outcomes? Well, I don't know. It kind of reminds me of this woman who got up at the SLA Committee and told the story about how she got her wedding dress made here and how she fell in love with the neighborhood and that she wanted to follow her dream and open a restaurant and live here for the rest of her life.

The overpriced darling assberry themed small plate restaurant is now CLOSED.

Was it last year that the Steiner sales office was open right across TSP?

Anonymous said...

This event has become more about the owners than the dogs. They dress up as ir more elaborately than the dogs. It's all about them. Look at me, after looking at my dog.

Anonymous said...

Your point?

Anonymous said...

No, Steiner's sales office wasn't open across the street. The sales office was for Ben Shaoul's 98 Avenue A.

Your lack of details and insights on this small matter makes me question the validity of your rant. (Not that I or anyone read it. Please make your point much sooner.)

Anonymous said...

@ 9:26 p.m

The owners are using their dogs and this event as a fashion accessory, to garner more attention to them, i.e to feed their narcissism.

In other words it is False Image Projection. Many narcissists like to do things to impress others by making themselves look good externally. It is a “trophy” complex; they use people, objects, status, and/or accomplishments, in this case their dogs and this event to represent the self, substituting for the perceived, inadequate “real” self.

These grandstanding “merit badges” are often exaggerated. The underlying message of this type of display is: “I’m better than you!” or “Look at how special I am—I’m worthy of everyone’s love, admiration, and acceptance!”

Is that point clear enough for you? Oh, right, you are easily upset at the real or perceived slight of the comment thus a ...

Anonymous said...

I've had the unfortunate experience of being swept up in the Avenue A crowd for this event, and I was just trying to get home—I couldn't help but think of how stressful these shouty throngs of people must be for the pups. Normally I will defend every last puppeh happening, because I'm firmly in the "yes, your dogs and cats are your kids" camp, but this particular event has grown too big and unwieldy and just seems unpleasant for the very animals it was created to celebrate. It makes me happy to be a cat mom because our little ones are generally like "fuck that, I'm staying right here" when it comes to outside activities (although I will have them properly blessed by St. Francis one of these years).

Anonymous said...

This event is garbage now. All corporate and all it does is attract tons of annoying suburban brunch douchebags to the neighborhood to send out to their social media.

Anonymous said...

Will the park be cleaned after this event along with the sidewalks

Anonymous said...

First a dog friendly restaurant now a dog parade are cats forever misjudged

Anonymous said...

This is just another event to promote the EV to tourists, celebrities and other folks with disposable income and demonstrate how desirable the EV is for the purpose of driving up real estate values. The people behind this should be ashamed to partner with Purina and Petco two companies that have very poor histories when it comes to animals.

Anonymous said...

@3:03 Petco is no better. You'd think with all the rich people who use the Dog Run that they could chip in for the upkeep and have some respect for this neighborhood and put an end to this. This is not in any way a local event. It's the worst marketing RE ploy in the city. Over 10,000 animals. And by the way RE brokerage is just a legal form of exploitation.

Anonymous said...

"Pooches let their alter-egos shine, putting on some of the cutest and most creative costumes you've ever seen at the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. CNN calls it "the largest dog costume parade in the world” with hundreds of dogs in costumes and thousands of spectators. The London Guardian says “It’s Barkin’ Mad.” This year's parade contestants will be competing for thousands of dollars in prizes"

IzF said...

@2:04 There's a Cat Cafe on Clinton St!!