Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Work on disaster protection for Haven Plaza underway

Work started this past week on a natural disaster-resistant infrastructure to protect Haven Plaza in case of another destructive hurricane such as Sandy.

The project was announced back in the early summer for the affordable-housing complex on Avenue C at 13th Street.

Here's is a recap via the media advisory:

This new two-story structure plus basement and the upgrades throughout the complex are in direct response to 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, when the nearby East River overflowed its banks, the Con Edison East River Generating Station adjacent to Haven Plaza exploded, and, as a result, Haven Plaza lost all electricity and steam for heat. Residents – many elderly – were trapped without elevator service, electricity, heat or water. Men and women of the National Guard shared their field rations with residents until the power returned.

The $9.89-million project, which received the funding through the New York City Build It Back program, is expected to be complete in August 2018, per the new plywood signage.

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Protection for Haven Plaza on Avenue C in case of another hurricane like Sandy


Anonymous said...

How does that two-story building protect the larger building? What will in contain?

Anonymous said...

How does the whole thing work? Who approved this? Tennants Association? What do they know? By the I live in haven plaza.

Anonymous said...

And why is Build It Back funding it, when they cant even take care of the homes of residents that were directly affect by Sandy?

This will do nothing -- nothing -- to mitigate the conditions for the 99.999999% who will be living down when when another storm inundates the nabe.

sheila stainback said...

I live there. As I understand it, the facility will house the boiler/heating unit for Haven Plaza above ground, and protect against another Sandy-like surge, which destroyed the old boiler that was underground. FEMA provided such funding for these living units, including NYCHA's. Since it's Haven Plaza's property, no formal approval was necessary from tenants , although HP management did share details with us many months ago.

Luis Lopez said...

Project has been approved with appropriate funding and contractual guidelines by all parties of concern including the NY Archdiocese (who owns the property since it's inception).And, yes hopefully project will indeed prevail.
As 50 year resident of HP,former HPTA President, CB3 active member.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additional details, Sheila and Luis!