Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Get well soon, Dora!

[Photo last week by Ryan John Lee]

Last week, several residents reported a red-tailed hawk in some sort of distress on Ninth Street at Avenue C. Someone called the NYPD...

[Photo last week by Ryan John Lee]

...and eventually the hawk, believed to be Dora, one of the resident hawks in Tompkins Square Park, flew off into La Plaza Cultural.

In the following days, none of the Park's hawk watchers had seen Dora... raising some concerns about her health.

Goggla provided an update tonight: Turns out that Dora has an injured wing. She was picked up last night by the NYPD on Avenue C between 9th Street and 10th Street and was taken to Animal Medical Center. Her wing is not broken, but she is unable to fly.

You can head over to Goggla's site for more details.

Come home soon, Dora ...

[Photo by Steven]


Eden Bee said...

I love Dora! So glad we know where she is at now and what happened to her!

Anonymous said...

The hawks have another problem to worry about—it appears that someone is poisoning the squirrels in StuyTown and Peter Cooper. Almost a dozen dead squirrels have been spotted there over the past few weeks. I have seen three dead squirrels there in the past few days. There have been a lot of complaints recently from new residents of Stuy Town, especially from parents with young children who view the squirrels as dangerous pests. All of a sudden, we are seeing a massive die off of young, heathy squirrels. It’s not just the older ones who are dying, its all ages including the babies. We will know soon enough if the hawks start getting poisoned that someone is up to something rotten in StuyTown.

Anonymous said...

noooooo! feel better, dora!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I have been so concerned since ESU tried to retrieve her last week and I have been searching the gardens for her. This post literally made me cry. I'm so happy they were able to get her some help! Thank you for updating.