Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A blank canvas awaits at the Bowery Mural Wall

Workers painted over the Bowery Mural Wall here at East Houston yesterday ... to provide a blank canvas for the next artist to make his or her mark here. (Haven't heard just yet who this might be...Updated: Oh, Banksy.)

The most recent mural was a collaboration by London-based artist Lakwena along with Instagram and Goldman Properties. The mural, which promoted Instagram’s #KindComments campaign, seemed to get tagged on an almost-daily basis in recent months...

[Photo from Jan. 24 by Lola Sāenz]


Giovanni said...

Coming soon, the world’s tallest mural New York Cockroaches, which unlike the wimpy Northern White Rhino can adapt to any climate or human attempts to kill them and will never become extinct.

JQ LLC said...


Make sure you get the air rights. Shouldn't be a problem since it's pretty cheap to bribe this stupid corrupt mayor and the indolent hacks in city council.