Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Equally the seasons compose the year,
Sun lifts its head above the horizon fair,
Winter quietly slips as Spring draws near,
Flowers split the soil their beauty everywhere,
Color holds the eyes interpretation,
Reluctant winds still tug at life ascending,
Standing bright Springs growing affirmation,
Light warming breaths hope reverberating,
New life coming in pulsing abundance,
A migration of birds, singing, nesting,
Folk coming from far and near, attendance,
Bands happy, Jazz Day, Dance Day, Rocking,
Soon lighter clothes we will be wearing,
Iced drinks sipping, hot coffee drinking.

peter radley


7 said...

Happy snow day everyone!

Unknown said...

Lovely nostalgic spring awakening poem that feels timeless

DrGecko said...

A Bitter But Necessary Rejoinder.

It's a snowstorm, it's a fucking snowstorm.
There's no spring, there's just another blizzard.
Wind and cold and sleet and cold - there's no storm
That could be more displeasing to this lizard.

Perhaps it's best to waste no thought upon it,
Nor try to stretch this out into a sonnet.