Saturday, March 10, 2018

In case there's ever a subway delay

[Click on image for the big view]

If you take the subway on a regular basis, then you know that every once in awhile there might be a slight delay with a train or even be some track repair work that alters the schedule.

Anyway! This new map might help. Developer Eric Markfield from Unfounded Labs shared this with me (and a few other people) — the Real MTA map, which shows delays and track work in real time.

As Curbed described it the other day:

The website features a near carbon copy of the MTA’s subway map, but it removes each line that’s currently experiencing delays, planned work, or service disruptions. What’s left is a network that’s far less expansive, but more accurate in real time for commuters.

The site also makes it easy to see what, exactly, is happening to the lines that are experiencing problems. The side panel lets you to click on each hidden line, taking you directly to the MTA Service Status report for those trains.

As the above screengrab shows, there are only a few lines without any kind of delay or schedule change as of 1:09 p.m. today... and likely for the remainder of the weekend.

You may also follow along on the Twitter — @realmtainfo.

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