Monday, March 12, 2018


The Post today reported on a career criminal, ID'd as convicted felon Henry Figueroa, who left a loaded Smith & Wesson .380 in the back of an Uber following a ride from the East Village to Harlem.

Figueroa reportedly texted the driver, stating "I’m a police officer and I was wondering if I dropped my side arm." However, the driver already alerted the NYPD about the gun.

So when Figueroa went to retrieve the piece from the driver, an undercover cop was at the meeting spot.

Following his arrest, police discovered a cache of heroin in his underwear.

To the Post:

Heroin was first unearthed in his pocket, prompting police officers to do a strip search, according to the court papers.

The cops then found a clear bag tucked inside his underwear, which contained 84 smaller, individually wrapped envelopes of heroin, the papers say.

Figueroa was promptly booked on a charge of narcotics possession with intent to distribute, as well as a charge of felon in possession of a firearm.

His rap sheet includes being busted in 2012 for breaking into an ex’s house, punching her mom and stealing a basket of clothes.


KeyFood4Eva said...

stealing a basket of clothes? I wonder if it was clean or dirty laundry...

Scuba Diva said...

@KeyFood4Eva Everything about this guy sounds like dirty laundry.

Anonymous said...

You just can't find good help these days - if your surgeon isn't leaving a sponge inside you after an operation, your heroin dealer is leaving his gun behind.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Now that’s a cash cab!