Friday, March 2, 2018

PokéVillage is the EV's first poke casualty

A commenter mentioned this on the Poke N' Roll post from Wednesday... PokéVillage has closed on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. A for rent sign hangs in the window. (Thanks to EVG reader Shiv for the photo!)

The Pokésters opened here in December 2016 toward the end of the Great Poké Rush of 2015-16. This marks the first closure of a poké-serving restaurant in the East Village during this time.

The address was previously home to Saving$ Paradise, which merged with I.Q. Decor in the spring of 2016. IQ Decor just went out of business following a rent increase.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a favorite of these poke places? Th one on 4th Avenue at 12th Street is always crowded

Anonymous said...

Not surprised, the prices were high and this place was never crowded like the one on 12th and 4th ave. Perhaps the rent was too much for them to stay open.

Anonymous said...

It closed? Get the poke outta here!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Wisefish Poke in Chelsea. Nicely assembled bowls, delicious toppings, very nice ownership and employees. Chikarashi might be the best in Manhattan overall, but having been to Hawaii long before this poke craze, Sweetcatch Poke in midtown is the most like you would find in Hawaii.