Friday, July 3, 2020

Here is an updated map of what's open in the East Village right now

Back in the spring, we told you about the volunteer effort led by the East Village Community Coalition (EVCC) along with residents Perry Leung and Paul Gale, who created an interactive map of what's open in the neighborhood during the COVID-19 crisis. (The site was designed by Zhi He of BetaNYC.)

The group has completed a redesign of the site, which includes almost 650 establishments in the East Village.

What's new? Well! If a establishment has outdoor space, then that info can be found in the notes section of their entry.

Among the other new features:

• Results are now also displayed in list format

• Users can sort by Minority/Women-owned, Black-owned, and LGBT-owned businesses

• A bulletin section, which include links to local human-interest pieces, volunteer opportunities and profile pieces about businesses during the pandemic (many of those link to EVG features).

At the bottom of the map, there's a list of the four most recently updated locations, for users curious about the most latest activity on the site.

And here it is... you can also access the map at this link.


Gojira said...

Simply invaluable. Sincere gratitude for this much-needed resource.

Jill W said...

Amazing resource, thanks for collecting all this information. Unless I'm not interpreting correctly though, I do not see in the notes section reference to outdoor seating in places I know do have it, for example Joyface, Lucky on B. Thanks again to the crew updating all this!

jpgale said...

@Jill W, please email to submit any missing info! Lots of changes, especially in regards to outdoor dining, hard to keep up, we'd love your help! :)