Monday, July 6, 2020

[Updated] Phase 3 begins today

[The TSP dog run in April via Stacie Joy]

Gov. Cuomo cleared NYC to enter Phase 3 of the state's four-phase reopening plan today.

Under this phase, personal care services — including nail and tanning salons, spas, massage parlors and tattoo shops — can open with COVID-19 safeguards in place. (Note: State regulations prohibit any service that requires a customer to remove a face mask, so no tongue piercings or facials.)

In addition, the Tompkins Square Park dog run is expected to reopen today after nearly three months ... and the hoops are said to be returning to the basketball courts — here and elsewhere in the city. However, any kind of organized team sports and group play are off-limits, as they remain high-risk activities.

NOT part of Phase 3: Indoor dining, which has been postponed indefinitely given the rise in COVID-19 cases in other states. This story was well-covered last week at Eater ... Gothamist and Grub Street.

Updated 9 a.m.

The Tompkins Square Park dog run is confirmed open... (thanks Steven!)


noble neolani said...

Is it the camera lens or has the dog run gotten larger? I assume that is an artificial turf designed for dog (stuff).

Anonymous said...

As of 1 PM NO basketball hoops at Tompkins . I passed Steward Park both Saturday and Sunday and there were pickup teams playing basketball.

Anonymous said...

Since dogs in the city, especially big ones, desperately need daily exercise, never understood the rational for shutting it down other than making life in the city even more difficult than it was. Enjoy your paranoia.