Friday, September 18, 2020

Baby Kong arrives at the 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden

Thanks to a Good Stuffed Animal Samaritan, there's now a Baby Kong in the Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden

Back in February we had the story about how Kong, the stuffed animal that longtime East Village resident Nefertiti Jones had as a child, ended up in the Community Garden. (Link to the story is below.) 

Unfortunately, Kong went missing earlier this month. As Jones wrote in an Instagram post, "I am heartbroken my beloved Kong was stolen ... Kong who was loved by so many people and had become a permanent fixture on Avenue B was taken a few days ago. If you have seen him please bring him back."

Now though, someone placed a Baby Kong in the spot with a note...

The note reads in part: "I offer hope and health to all who care for me. Hopefully, mommy and daddy Kong come back to visit. If not, I am here to carry their legacy!"

H/T Briar and the 6th & B team!


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. Thank you to the good samaritan - Kong (and now Baby Kong) lift my spirits when I walk by. I hope Nefertiti finds some comfort in this.

Gojira said...

I sincerely hope that the miserable thief who made off with Kong the First does not come back to get his offspring.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Thank you to the Good Stuffed Animal Samaritan!

Lola Sáenz said...

King Kong Jr is so cute! Whomever left Jr is so Kind Thanks.
And Thanks EV Grieve for posting everything from
Alphabet City
To King Kong
Santa Con
To Restaurants lost
To all the Openings and Closures
To all the interesting photos
Taken by everyone
The East River Park
To Christo and family flying Above
Tompkins Square Park
The list goes on and on
And the Readers
Thankyou All!

Anonymous said...

@10:37am: Well said!

afbp said...

this is why---I WOULD---never leave NYC---and as an aside---tRUMP to nyc 'drop dead'---NYC to tRUMP 'nah'......

Jared said...

Reminds me of the toy tower that was in that park, on the Ave B side.

Anonymous said...

wonderful. thank you to the person(s) who did this.