Monday, September 21, 2020

'Project Stun' at the F stop on 2nd Avenue

In case you haven't been by the Second Avenue F stop at Houston... FL00D and Stänzi have collaborated to create "Project Stun," described as "a hybrid street art and animated experience," on view (and digitally here) through September.

Via the EVG inbox:
Paying homage to local culture and creativity from decades past, "Project Stun" emits hope upon the streets of New York City. These words hold power — letter by letter, chaotic expression seeps through in philosophies of NYHC, iconic musical influences (Bad Brains, CBGB) and signature motifs from the creators' archives.


Ms. said...

Nice- I must make a trip downtown.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a step above graffiti, but what does it mean? All of us wish wings?????????????????????

Anonymous said...

...WITH Wings