Saturday, September 26, 2020

The New York Philharmonic Bandwagon will be pulling up to Astor Place today

The New York Philharmonic Bandwagon will be on Astor Place today (Saturday!) as part of a Get Out the Vote event with Joe's Pub. 

In addition to a "pull-up" performance by members of the Orchestra and special guests, a volunteer from the League of Women’s Voters of New York will be onhand to sign people up to vote and to answer any questions about voting.

The festivities begin around noon-ish. Visit this link for a rundown on today's program, which includes a "West Side Story" suite.

The New York Philharmonic launched this drive-up series on weekends in late August.

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editrrix said...

Live here next to this garden, which was basically closed all the time for decades (maybe open for a few hours a few times a year) and now, during Covid-19, they have been opening to the public many a weekend, but I am calling BS on their "suggested donation". Looks like someone is trying to make money on this private, er ah, community garden. What's the deal? I mean, nobody but nobody ventures in there because IT WAS NEVER OPEN. When I did go in there in the early 2000s, I was chased out by a man who claimed it was not, in fact, for the public. Can anyone shed some light on this? In Hell's Kitchen (where I lived before this) neighbors who could proof residency were permitted keys to local gardens to enter when they were closed. Not so here, or at least not on 11th St.