Monday, September 14, 2020

Farewells: Funny Face Bakery has outgrown its East Village space

[Photo Friday by Lola Sáenz]

A for lease sign now hangs in the front window at the former Funny Face Bakery space on Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

However, it's a more-positive closure: Funny Face, which specializes in hand-painted face cookies of actors, politicians and various celebrities, is moving to a larger location outside the neighborhood.

Per a recent Instagram post:

Funny Face Bakery is moving up and moving out. We are so fortunate to have outgrown the space that has treated us so well for the last four years. It’s a bittersweet goodbye closing the doors to our East Village store. We survived the rain, but now we need to use it to grow.

No official word on the new location, though a source on the block said it will be in Brooklyn.

Sarah Silverman opened the bakery — originally called Cupcake Market — here in April 2016.

However, in a rebrand coinciding with a new online shop, Cupcake Market evolved into Funny Face last fall.

Turns out cupcakes weren't the big seller here. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, her hand-painted face cookies of the candidates quickly became hot items.

She soon started creating custom portrait cookies for her customers to celebrate birthdays and other special events... as well as launching a line of intricately designed cookies accurately (and eerily?) depicting various celebrities and movie characters (as seen below with "It" and "Hocus Locus")... and hiring a group of artists from Pratt and SVA to help with the design.

H/T MP and Derek Berg!


jpgale said...

They had the best cinnamon rolls, though they rarely made ‘em. Bon Voyage.

sophocles said...

Liked the owner, liked the cupcakes, loved the pies. Had no interest in the funny face cookies. But that's me. They seemed to have found success without me :)