Monday, September 14, 2020

Report: Cloister Cafe granted temporary restraining order to reopen

Cloister Cafe will reopen tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 15) on Ninth Street after a judge granted it a temporary restraining order against the State Liquor Authority, Page Six reported

The SLA had suspended the Cloister's liquor license for alleged social-distancing infractions here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue last month. 

According to the SLA report that led to the suspension:

Investigators found the restaurant operating as a nightclub and hookah lounge with a live DJ, documenting numerous patrons ignoring social distancing with lines of customers congregating in front of the premises without facial coverings, at least twenty patrons consuming alcohol indoors under a fixed roof, and no receipts for food purchases.

For their part, Cloister Cafe claimed that the SLA didn't properly investigate the alleged violations — and just copied the claims from a Gothamist article.


Anonymous said...

This is what's wrong with America -- money talks or whoever can afford to be litigious.

What's the point of the SLA if folks with money will just keep contesting their decision?

Gojira said...

That's the way the $LA has always worked. And they don't care, because they don't have to live with - or even near - the consequences.