Monday, September 21, 2020

The Dolar Shop bringing hot pot to 3rd Avenue and 11th Street

The Dolar Shop, a global hot pot chain with 50-plus locations, is opening an outpost on the southeast coast of Third Avenue and 11th Street... this will be the second NYC location for the Dolar Shop, joining the one out in Flushing.

This space was previously Wagamama, the London-based chain serving Japanese-inspired cuisine. Wagamama lasted 18 months before fizzling out in April 2019.

Thanks to Vinny & O for the photo and tip!


Gojira said...

Bring back M2M, which never did re-open anywhere that I can see, given that H Mart (where the minute you walk through the door you are viewed with suspicion and tailed to make sure you don't shoplift) took the space M2M initially planned to. .

Anonymous said...

Agree, bring back M2M; I miss that place so much.

And yes, H Mart has a very "what are you here to steal?" vibe going on.

Dolar looks like it will be "upscale" (and it'll have to be pricey due to the rent!). Wonder how how well it will do; it's not like we're short of restaurants serving this kind of food.

Sarah said...

I like HMart, but bring back M2M.

jmhnyc said...

Definitely miss M2M. Heart just not the same

Anonymous said...

Hot pot is def a big plus to the neighborhood! There are too many sportsbars. we need more this kind of diversities in this area. I want quality food not Places host drunk people yelling in the street. Super excited to try them!