Sunday, June 6, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included ... (with a photo outside the recently reopened Nowhere on 14th Street)

• RIP Penny Rand (Wednesday

• Tenants: Pigeons have made empty apartment a health hazard in this Steve Croman-owned building on 7th Street (Tuesday

• You can own the shuttered Avenue A diner Odessa, now for sale on Craigslist (Friday

• Cinema Paradiso trying again with CB3 for Avenue A theater-cafe concept (Thursday

•  787 Coffee is opening a new location (and office) on 10th Street at 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• Department of Buildings: 202 Avenue A does not have a "valid certificate of occupancy" (Tuesday

• Gaia Italian Cafe teases a return (Tuesday

• Think Coffee's brand-new curbside dining space catches fire on 4th Avenue (Thursday

• Uprooted tree in Tompkins Square Park (Friday

• Spiegel said to be returning to 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• Food Emporium has closed on Union Square (Monday

• Parks Department clears out the encampment from the Tompkins Square Park chess tables (Saturday

• Something to sing about: Planet Rose is reopening on Avenue A (Tuesday

• Rockwood Music Hall returns with live music (Thursday

• Gia signage arrives on the Bowery (Monday

• Marinara Pizza makes this corner of 10th Street and 2nd Avenue their own (Tuesday

• Stickett Inn bringing its cider to 1st Avenue (Thursday)

• Tony's Pizza debuts on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• New concept vying for former Meatball Shop space on Stanton Street (Tuesday

... and yesterday, we're told that the 3CD Block Association planted flowers in the tree pits along Third Street between Avenue C and Avenue D ... said one resident: "An incredible effort on the part of people on the block."
H/T Bobby G!

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