Monday, August 23, 2021

Duane Reade, fully visible again on Avenue B

After what seems like years, workers have finally removed the sidewalk bridge from outside the Duane Reade on Avenue B and Second Street... crews had been working on the apartment complex here called The Villager. (Onetime home The Gas Station, aka Art Gallery Space 2B!) 

Thanks to Stacie Joy for the pic!


Ronnie said...

not many will remember The Gas Station…good times

Neighbor said...

Nice. Now extend the hours back to what they were!

anonymous said...

Saw GG Allen there.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:45 PM

I most certainly remember the Gas Station.
I had many a beer and good conversations there.
Save the Robots was just down the block.
Interesting times back then.

Ronnie said...

saw him there too on his last bloody performance before he OD’d across the street

Anonymous said...

That corner was heroin central as well.