Sunday, August 29, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from this last week included (with a photo of Claudi in Tompkins Square Park Thursday via Steven)

• The East Village Neighbors Community Fridge is up and running again after vandal strikes (Tuesday)  

• Quick-serve veteran China Town closing on East Houston after 32 years in business (Friday) Retail shuffle continues at 250 E. Houston St.; Subway and Dunkin' next to leave (Wednesday

• Ray gets his day on Humans of New York (Monday

• March gallery expanding on Avenue A (Tuesday

• The 13th Street Blick is moving to a familiar art-supply spot on 4th Avenue (Wednesday

• Activity at the former Jules Bistro on St. Mark's Place (Friday)

• Wrapping up the summer hawk season (Thursday

• More details on the East 7th Street fire victims seeking help from their former landlord (Monday

• Appreciation post: The tree pit garden on 1st Avenue at 7th Street (Wednesday

• Neighborhood Loading Zones, bike lane outlines arrive along Avenue C (Tuesday

• Henri flooding in Tompkins Square Park (Sunday

• Construction watch: 650 E. 6th St. (Thursday

• A place to store your Stuf on 3rd Street (Thursday

• Move-in weekend for NYU (Friday

• A striped awning for the Tile Bar (Tuesday

• Lotto love for the East Village in this TV spot (Wednesday)

... and several readers have asked about the status of 86 E. 10th St. between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue... the lower-level space was Black & White until last fall (and Wiz Kid Management was upstairs a time ago) ... haven't heard what's coming next...
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Anonymous said...

Re that Lotto commercial, the quick shot in the laundromat is filmed in LaLaLand on 11th and B.