Friday, August 27, 2021

It's move-in weekend for NYU

NYU's Fall Residence Hall Move In starts today ... and lasts through Sunday. 

No Parking notices have been posted around the school's dorms in the neighborhood — along Third Avenue and on 12th Street and 14th Street. (Thanks to Doug for the pic!

Students who required a quarantine arrived on Aug. 18-19.

Here's NYU's message about the Fall term:
In fall 2021, with vaccination requirements in place for students, faculty, administrators, and staff, NYU will resume in-person classroom instruction and most other pre-COVID activities, and administrative offices will begin in-person operations again. 
Against the backdrop of the lingering risks and uncertainty of COVID-19, we will continue to be guided in our decision-making by a focus on safety and health. The requirement for vaccination of NYU community members — both in New York City and at the majority of our Study Away sites in the U.S. and abroad — remains at the heart of our planning as we carry out NYU’s research and teaching mission.
At this time last year, smaller numbers of students returned to the area ... as NYU employed a physically distanced move-in to the residence halls as some students and faculty returned to campus for in-person instruction with many others taking part in remote learning.


Anonymous said...

I hope these kids have a better move in this year, last year I remember reports that they were served fruit roll ups for lunch. Good luck everyone.

Neighbor said...

Why are students required to quarantined if there is also a vaccine requirement? Either way, glad they will all be back as it will be good for a variety of businesses that depend on students.

Anonymous said...

In "Sty" Town, they closed the 4 ST loop roads for 2 week-ends to facilitate their most prized demo for the NYU move ins. "Sty" Town, since the pandemic is now "over", is back being a full dorm dump again. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

That notice makes NYU sound like some kind of benevolent non-profit instead of a giant money and real estate machine.

Anonymous said...

Only students that need to quarantine are those who are not yet vax'd and coming from certain countries (and may not have had access to a WHO approved vaccine). They have to be vax'd when they get to NYC.

Anonymous said...

"giant money and real estate machine."

Correct. From NY Magazine, 11/12/2010, the great Gabriel Sherman when he used to write for New York Magazine, the article is still relevant today:

"The School That Ate New York"

Last paragraph of the article:

"Sexton says this with a smile, but his intention is clear. “What’s good for NYU is good for the city” is a slogan that, one way or another, New Yorkers are going to have to get used to."

Says it all. BTW, they pay ZERO in RE taxes.

Anonymous said...

It should be mandatory for all students coming to NYC to watch Fran Lebowitz.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the NYU student who brought Covid to our building last year and joked about it. In March 2020, half the residents of my building disappeared. The ones left were 40-50 year olds with jobs who were able to work from home. We respected each other, keeping socially distant and maintaining the cleanliness of the stairwell and lobby. Everything was fine until August when NYU moved in and immediately started having parties, people coming and going continuously. None of them wore masks or seemed to care, thinking Covid didn't affect young people. Wrong! The new neighbor became seriously ill about a month later, and stayed that way for six months. That didn't deter the visitors, though, and they laughed and joked about her continuous coughing. They finally left in May, leaving behind a filthy apartment, and now we're gearing up to start the cycle again.

Anonymous said...

They don't care about being New Yorkers. They did 20/25 years ago, when their numbers were still relatively low, but now, when everyone around you is from Ohio, you act like you're still in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

One person got sick? That's all? OMG they had parties? And guests? How dare they!

Anonymous said...

"One person got sick? That's all? OMG they had parties? And guests? How dare they!"

The off the charts amount of hubris/arrogance/lack of empathy/entitlement/science ignorance in this post relating back to the peak period of the pandemic says it all.

Go Violets!


Anonymous said...

One person got sick. That's all. The hysteria and overreaction is also a problem. Should NYC just permanently lock down and die? That's what seems to be suggested by this type of comment. What exactly happened here? One person got sick and recovered. Also- half the residents disappeared. So the students are here supporting the loc economy and small businesses everyone claims to care about but half the building - 'real'NYers left town

Anonymous said...

"So the students are here supporting the loc economy and small businesses everyone claims to care about but half the building - 'real'NYers left town"

FD, are you from hospitality industry? And Target is not a part of "small businesses". And again, NYU pays zero in RE taxes.

And from a previous thread/post re this demo who you defend:

"You can't really control it, because every time you get some tiny grip on the situation, there's a whole bunch of new residents," says Nicholas Peate, who lives on East 7th Street. Both Peate and [Robert] La Force are so fed up with the constant loud parties, they are thinking of moving out.

"They market [these apartments] as a sort of a luxury frat house, that's the issue," Peate says. "So basically, they say, 'You're here, you're entitled, you're wealthy, you're white, and you can just do whatever the fuck you want."

Anonymous said...

They also said people continued to move in and out of the apartment regularly. So it’s likely that it was spread out of the neighborhood and apartment. It’s not just “one person got sick”, it’s one person we know for sure. Don’t be so naïve and dense.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. We need to step back and look at it logically. Beating each other up when landlords are creating the environment seems silly.