Thursday, August 12, 2021

Checking in on the intersection of 7th Street and 1st Avenue

Last week, EVG regular Daniel Efram reported on the hellish roadwork consuming the west side of First Avenue at Seventh Street.

Crews reporting to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) returned to the intersection to replace portions of the water main back in May

As previously reported, there were back-to-back breaks here in late December. The multiple ruptures sent water rushing into businesses and residences along Seventh Street between First Avenue and Avenue A. 

Neighbors talked about an all-consuming noise, both during the day when the work crew was on the scene, and after-hours when cars and trucks would pass over the multiple metal plates on the roadway.

Neighbors now report a slight improvement, as workers removed some of the metal plates and hauled away stacks of old pipes and other constructions materials left scattered on the curb along Seventh Street (thanks to Steven for these photos...)
Over the weekend, the Post picked up our story (even linking to EVG, a rarity — clunk).

The folks at E7 Deli & Cafe on the northeast corner of First Avenue and Seventh Street are understandably not happy. A few hours after their grand opening this past December one of the water main breaks flooded the basement.

"It is a big pain in the ass, I am pissed off," E7 owner Esam Alreyashi told the paper about the ongoing construction. "There's noise every day."

Local City Councilmember Carlina Rivera's office has been working with the DEP to clean up the site and do a better job of securing the metal plates.

The Post also got a comment from a DEP spokesperson:
"The ongoing upgrades to the critical infrastructure that serves the East Village must be carried out in a way that respects the residents and businesses in the area and we have directed our contractors to take several steps to ensure that this happens. Inspectors will be following up with regular visits."
Still no word on an end date for the work.


Anonymous said...

On a bike I avoid 1st Ave and its bike lane.

twittoris said...

The water once again tastes like rust. I dont know what they are doing over there but I hate it.

Anonymous said...

There is a god awful divot in lane on 6th or 7th that surprises me every time

Anonymous said...

Nice work EVG getting more eyes on this. Between the pickup of noise, loud cars, etc, sluggish construction projects, and random acts of crime lately, more attention needs to be spotlight down here.

DustyFairy said...

Yay Dan! This part of the east village is such a hellhole now. 6th street is SO busy with bikes and double parked jerks. It’s impossible to get anywhere, and it’s now one of the busiest streets around. And of course, none of these people live here. So awful.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the water taste has been off for over a week or so now.

Anonymous said...

Cyclists beware - a new hole has opened up in the bike lane on First Ave at 5th St. It's currently about 8 inches in diameter but seems to be growing and looks bottomless.

GR8 said...

you can order a free water lead test kit from

Sally Long Dog said...

The metal plates are awful for dogs because they get so hot. Earlier this summer it felt nearly impossible to avoid them.

Anonymous said...

hey @dusty you ever think those "jerks" double parked are because deblasio and council has wiped out so much parking? not everyone can travel miles and miles on bike in all weather and carry items and go from place to place. quite a vital thing for the city.

DustyFairy said...

Yeah “anonymous” I do. The mayor SUCKS. And we have a car. It should either be an all bike city or there should be room for everyone. The cyclists we see daily NEVER follow the rules, especially the electric bikes. They have no license plates and no accountability and yet if we accidentally happen to run into one of them, we get ticketed. You should really rethink your attitude. You don’t know me or what I’ve seen and been through in the East Village. Why on earth would you assume that I support the mayor who ruined this city? What I do know is that complaining about Deblasio doesn’t do any good at all whatsoever. Nothing changes.