Monday, September 20, 2021

Neighbors curious about what might be next for the NE corner of Avenue A and 13th Street

Some EVG readers have noted recent activity inside and out at the former Percy's Tavern on the northeast corner of Avenue A and 13th Street... work includes a new curbside dining structure...
Where we left off here... back in December 2019, the Pizza Cowboy reported that Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports was teaming up with pizza personality Nino Coniglio (of Brooklyn Pizza Crew and Williamsburg Pizza) on a bar pie pizzeria.

Not sure if that's still moving forward here. 

According to the State Liquor Authority, the liquor license is inactive here. The names of Larry Watson, who opened Percy's in 2010, and James Morrissey, who is involved with The Late Late and VNYL, are on the license.
In September of 2017, Community Board 3 did not approve Morrissey's application to open Honey Fitz at this address. 

A neighbor says that contractors have been working almost daily on interior renovations, adding a stage in the front half of the space on the 13th Street side and installing six TV sets, among other things. 

So with all those monitors and a stage (live music? comedy?), there's a sports bar/entertainment vibe here, but so far, nothing definitive. And no sign of future Community Board notices for a new liquor license.

Percy's quietly closed here in 2017.

H/T Sonya and dwg


noble neolani said...

Just in case anyone thought upper Avenue A could not get any louder.....

dwg said...

Percy's was a loud sports bar with shouting sports crowds and loud trivia nights with an MC on mic who also played loud music. There were always noise problems for neighbors who lived above them and their open windows were a menace for neighbors on the block. Can expect more of the same from owners Larry Watson and James Morrissey (VNYL, The Late Late) and now an Open Restaurants street shed, 6 tv's and a stage. This block already has 4 bars and a sports bar and the noise is off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Yes I head it is VNYL owners no longer Portnoy - still pizza and bar food .
I heard this is schedule to open October 1st

Brian Van said...

Only in NYC would people look at a huge corner retail space that's been vacant for 4 years & conspire to keep it empty because of "noise" when I'm pretty sure you can't distinguish whatever noise is coming from the four bars across the street or the six down the block. This was the kind of local hostility that always chased after Heathers... even though Superdive was a MUCH worse neighbor.

May need some journalism to figure out if the noise levels during late hours (during the pandemic) are actually intolerable here and worthy of complaint/resistance.

Or, maybe anonymous commenters just need to dig up some fake dirt on me again as a response

Peter R. said...

Walked by the 210 Avenue A location the other day, and staff inside said they expect to open November 20 and they already have their SLA approval (though I don't see where CB3 approved).