Monday, September 13, 2021

Dig Inn apparently still has plans to reopen on 4th Avenue

Dig Inn has been sitting vacant since the NY State on PAUSE of March 2020 here on Fourth Avenue and 13th Street. 

While other locations of the health-conscious fast-casual chain reopened around the city, this one looked all but abandoned. 

However, new signage on the door promises that they'll "be right back" ...
Dig Inn debuted in this outpost in November 2019.

This has been a challenging corner for businesses since the longtime deli was rent-hiked out of here in November 2012. In recent years, the space has been home to Fresh & Co. ... Pie Face and, right before Dig, Sandwicherie


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but after the deli closed, everything that's been in there has felt to me like a very sterile space, kind of "lifeless". Nothing particularly welcoming about this space; it's just acres of stainless steel & glass.

JW said...

Walked by the other day and there was some rumbling going on inside. Didn’t seem like a reopening but who knows.

I’d love to know what’s going on with calexico on 2nd Ave. the website still says temporarily closed but it seemed like it did great business and operated well into the pandemic so don’t understand the extended closure now.