Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Spotting a Spotted Lanternfly, kill! kill!

We've had several recent sightings of the (dreaded!) Spotted Lanternfly ... an EVG reader shared this photo from the other day on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Fourth Street. 

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and media outlets sounded the alarm about these little *@(%*s last month. 

And as Goggla recently noted, "The Spotted Lanternfly is beautiful, but unfortunately, extremely destructive. It feeds on sap which destroys plants and trees." 

According to the Parks Department: "if you see a Spotted Lanternfly, please squish and dispose of this invasive pest."

The Parks Department recommends these actions (after the kill):

  • New Yorkers should also report any findings to NYC Parks by emailing Please include photos, location of the infestation, and details of property damage.
  • You can help prevent the spread of spotted lanternflies by refraining from moving firewood, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor items that may contain SLF egg masses. 
The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website has more info on how you can ID the Spotted Lanternfly. 


Anonymous said...

Indeed it is quite pretty.

BagelGuy said...
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anonymous said...

These bugs are quite pretty but they ate devastating for trees!! If you see one SQUASH IT!! Sorry I don’t want to advocate violence but these things are trouble!!

Anonymous said...

I hiked the Greenbelt on Staten Island a month or so back and spotted 7 or 8 of them, then mailed all the info to that email address. Those suckers were difficult to kill. Too fast.

Anonymous said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say same as @2:30.
I've tried to kill 2 of them. Couldn't catch them. They were quick.
News reports of them gave impression that they just sit there and you can squash them. Nope.